New interpretation of Frantsisk Skorina

Unified electronic bibliography to be developed countrywide within next five years

By Tatiana Pastukhova

The Culture of Belarus database is envisaged by a state programme, requiring $300,000 from the state budget. Around Br1bn is to be directed to organising a unified electronic catalogue of Belarusian libraries.

The ‘Frantsisk Skorina — Belarusian and Eastern Slavonic First Printer’ electronic library is to be simultaneously developed. During business trips to Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark and other countries, specialists will study and digitise Skorina’s editions, to be later included into the electronic library. The programme envisages the creation of facsimile editions by the outstanding printing pioneer.

A ‘Radziviliana’ electronic library is also on the agenda, with separate editions digitised and the most precious electronic copies of books being bought from abroad. Moreover, at least a dozen copies of books are to be made, for Nesvizh’s National History and Culture Museum-Reserve.

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