New house with view on Ashgabat

Island of Ashgabat architecture appears in Minsk, as part of the Turkmen Embassy to Belarus

Island of Ashgabat architecture appears in Minsk, as part of the Turkmen Embassy to Belarus, with the launch attended by the presidents of our two countries, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Alexander Lukashenko

At the embassy opening ceremony

A transparent wall in the embassy’s spacious building — the winter garden — looks directly onto the State Flag Square of Belarus, creating the illusion that our flag is swinging directly in this wonderful hall. Meanwhile, at the entrance to the embassy is a Turkmen flag. The dual flags are a bright example of mutual respect and reciprocal interest in friendship, equal rights and constructive co-operation.

The presidents discussed much back in 2014, while laying a commemorative capsule into the embassy’s foundations. The same thoughts on friendship were expressed during the opening, which is being viewed as a foundation of solid and trustworthy inter-state relations.

The Turkmen side is viewing the new building as serving more than a diplomatic purpose; it will be a national cultural and enlightening centre, enabling people to gain acquaintance with the history of Turkmenistan and its traditions. At present, the building is exhibiting Turkmen national costumes, alongside household items from various times, musical instruments, and picturesque canvases, all reflecting the spirit of this friendly nation. The presidents’ speeches at the ceremony focused on the similarity of our nations’ characters, being hard-working, proud and independent, while having a respectful attitude towards partners’ opinions and recognising their unconditional right to their own path of civilised development. This proximity is the foundation for our productive co-operation across various spheres and, undoubtedly, the buildings of the new embassy in Minsk are a symbol of this relationship.

By Dmitry Kryat
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