New heights of Mikhail Grabovsky

Belarusian forward playing for Toronto sets seasonal record among Belarusians performing in regular championships of National Hockey League

By Kirill Pirogov

Mikhail Grabovsky has scored two striking points in a victorious home NHL match against Buffalo, during which he was named the third star of the match. In total, he earned 53 points (27 goals + 26 resultful passes) across 68 matches. This repeats the season record of NHL Belarusian player Andrey Kostitsyn, set in 2008 by the Montreal forward; he scored one goal less but made one more resultful pass (26 goals + 27 passes). However, Kostitsyn earned his points across 78 matches: ten more than Grabovsky.

Consequently, Grabovsky’s achievement is considered to be a new record. Having scored 27 goals, Grabovsky now holds the shooting seasonal record among Belarusians: Andrey Kostitsyn scored 26 goals during the 2007/08 regular season.
Among Belarusians who have played in the strongest world hockey championship, Belarusian national ice hockey team coach Vladimir Tsyplakov also set a record, during the 1997/8 season. With the Los Angeles Kings, in the regular championship, he claimed 52 (18+34) points across 73 matches.

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