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Zhodino giant heavy-duty dump truck may enter Guinness Book of Records
By Andrey Smirnov

“The Belarusian Automobile Works has developed the world’s largest heavy-duty dump truck, boasting a load capacity of 450 tonnes. The enterprise is the first among other world manufacturers of quarry machinery to produce such a vehicle,” notes a press conference in Minsk Leonid Trukhanov, Chief Designer of Mining Vehicles. 

BelAZ-75710 heavy-duty dump truck with the carrying capacity of 450 tonnes is designed to transport mined rock in deep open pits and opencast mining sites, under various climatic conditions with the air temperature varying from -50C to +50C. The vehicle is powered by two diesel engines and its aggregate weight is 810 tonnes. The vehicle’s top speed is 64kmh. Before this, the greatest carrying capacity of the BelAZ heavy-duty dump truck amounted to 360 tonnes.

According to Piotr Parkhomchik, Director of BelAZ — Management Company of BelAZ-Holding, the model, developed and released this year, is unrivalled worldwide. “The new heavy-duty dump truck boasts 25 percent higher efficiency (compared to existing foreign rivals) and was created through applying original innovation solutions and introduction of the latest developments into the systems of mounting, steering and electromechanical transmission.”

Moreover, Canadian Syncrude has already taken interest in new heavy-duty dump truck — BelAZ-75710 — with 450 tonne load capacity.

It was mentioned during the press conference that the famous Belarusian enterprise is currently actively mastering foreign markets. Till the end of the year, BelAZ will have supplied 20 heavy-duty dump trucks to Indonesia. Last year, first five heavy-duty dump trucks were delivered there, boasting a load capacity of 45 tonnes each.

Moreover, at present, Australia is becoming the world’s largest consumer of mining machinery, together with Russia, which imports most of BelAZ’s produce. This year, BelAZ took part in two exhibitions, held in Australia: in February, Newcastle hosted a large-scale presentation of BelAZ-75315 (240 tonne load capacity) and BelAZ-75603 (360 tonne load capacity). In August, the Belarusian company took part in the Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition — AIMEX-2013, hosted by Sydney, resulting in preliminary agreements on the purchase of the Belarusian machinery by some Australian companies.

At present, negotiations are underway on the supply of heavy-duty dump trucks o Latin American countries in 2013-2014: Chile, Columbia and Brazil. The contract has been signed for the supply of 220 tonne load capacity heavy-duty dump trucks to the SAR and BelAZ has also won the tender for the supply of its goods to Serbia.
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