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New face for historic site

Brest-Tsentralny Railway Station opens after reconstruction
By Sergey Ivanov

The major investment project began in 2008, including the reconstruction of Brest-Passazhirsky Station’s passenger complex. The platforms serving Moscow and Warsaw have received attention, as has the station building itself. The First Deputy Head of Belarusian Railways, Vladimir Mikhailyuk, tells us that the total cost of the project exceeds Br300bn.

The Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, Konstantin Sumar, who took part in the official opening ceremony, notes that the project is of special importance, since Brest railway station is the entry point of many to Belarus. Of course, it is also of great historical and cultural significance and will play a huge role during the forthcoming IIHF World Championship.
Brest-Tsentralny railway station serves over 11,000 passengers daily; over the first nine months of 2013, around 3.5 million people departed from its platforms, with half a million headed to foreign destinations. 

The repairs have given the building a new faзade and its 240-seater departure lounge — with VIP waiting room for 50 people — has been refurbished. The station now boasts a new bar and bistro, automated baggage lockers, a lounge area, a pharmacy, a first-aid post, ATMs and an exchange office.

The station now boasts automatic sliding doors and a spatial orientation system, with information on boards and signs written in Belarusian and English. Visual and address information is presented on panels, enabling data to be given in various formats, promptly. A waiting room and bathroom for those will less mobility, with room for wheelchairs, has been designed to accommodate six people.

The first stage of reconstruction finished in 2010, with the Moscow side of the station updated. This included new low and high platforms, with roofs, and a new tunnel linking platforms to the main station. The former luggage area was also revamped, as were utility networks and services. Tracks have been improved and ticket offices are now being revamped, while the Warsaw side of the station receives attention. All works are due to be completed by May 2014.
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