New discoveries of Francoise Limouzy

Snow-covered forests and fields enable French painter to enjoy elegance and gracefulness of Belarusian nature

By Svetlana Dorokhova

Speaking at the opening ceremony at the Marc Chagall Art Centre in Vitebsk, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Belarus, H.E. Mr. Michel Raineri, stressed that the first Belarusian-French joint artistic project was launched in Marc Chagall’s native city after much consideration. Although Ms. Limouzy’s painting style is quite different to that of Chagall, both feel art in their souls.

Ms. Limouzy lives in the south of France, in the city of Ceret, and loves to depict landscapes. She began her creative path as a theatre actress, but left the theatre as soon as she became involved in painting, passing the ‘acting baton’ to her daughter.
“I have arrived in Vitebsk, Marc Chagall’s homeland, for a friendly visit,” notes Francoise. “Chagall often visited my native Catalonia and his works are kept at a local museum, including his ceramic artworks. Other painters from Belarus have also lived in Ceret: Soutine, Pinchus and Nadia Leger. I feel joyful energy in your country. There’s so much tenderness and calmness in people’s manner, in addition to a respectful attitude. I’m lucky to have seen Belarus for myself at the end of winter. Snow-covered forests and fields have enabled me to enjoy the elegance and gracefulness of Belarusian nature.”

The artist has a special attitude towards nature; her pictures always depict the sun and wind. She even likes to dilute her paints with rain water to ‘dissolve’ the colour, making it more transparent and easier to use. Some of her works from Sea Foam, Canigou Mountain and Lake in Norway series were created especially for the exhibition in Vitebsk, which Ms. Limouzy calls Water and Rock. She primarily uses acrylic paints and watercolour, working on canvas or paper, admitting that she has close relations with colour and form.

After Vitebsk, Ms. Limouzy’s exhibition will go to Gomel — the cultural capital of Belarus and the CIS for 2011. It will then go on show in Minsk, during Modern Art Week, this autumn. “Every Frenchman who sees Belarus sincerely loves it. Such exhibitions promote mutual understanding between nations, so joint projects relating to culture and trade will surely continue,” promises Mr. Raineri.

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