New course for Vetraz

Unique Italian designer dishware soon to appear at Begoml plant
The Director of Begoml’s Vetraz Plant, Anatoly Sivko, tells us that a protocol has been signed to create joint manufacture with the Italian company to produce kitchen dishware: saucepans and frying pans. Designer solutions and anti-stick coatings should allow the goods to find a reliable niche on the market. “According to preliminary estimates, we’ll be able to manufacture up to 200,000 units monthly, initially for export alone. In future, these will be available for sale in Belarus,” notes Mr. Sivko. “We’ll be taking on new staff, allowing us to double or triple output.”
Around 3m Euros is to be invested into the project, which is unique for the Vitebsk Region, with half of the cost paid for by Italian partners.
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