New car called Ё-mobile

In December, car lovers will be presented with the prototype of a new hybrid, fuel-efficient vehicle, boasting 70HP capacity
The joint development by Russian Onexin and Belarus’ Yarovit Motors is officially called the Ё-mobile, as suggested by Minsk artist Vladimir Tsesler. The developers eagerly accepted the idea. The company plans to manufacture a compact urban hatchback for family use, in addition to an off-road sports coupe for younger drivers. The bodies of the cars are to come in two colours, with serial batch production scheduled to start in late 2012. The expected price is $10,000-15,000.
The General Director of the joint venture, Andrey Biryukov, is convinced that the brand will be a success. He explains that the letter ‘ё’ is the seventh in the Russian alphabet and is usually associated with luck and success. Moreover, it exists only in Russian, so is our response to those western goods which are named with the Latin ‘i’ (e.g., iPad or iPhone).
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