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Doctor of Philosophy at Oxford University David Faulkner, who is also an Honorary Professor at the University of London, presents his Mergers and Acquisitions business textbook
By Polina Olekhovich

Mr. Faulkner’s 14th book details the processes of mergers and acquisitions in 26 chapters. It begins by exploring the vision of financiers and then looks at the opinion of strategic managers. The textbook even takes into account how culture and various mentalities can affect business. A team of Belarusian translators has been selected to convert the book into Russian. However, Mr. Faulkner notes that the book doesn’t make easy reading, being full of complex academic language and requiring concentrated reading.

The book was only published in June in the UK but enjoyed a presentation in Belarus on August 1st. In fact, since July 10th, Magna Carta College (founded by Mr. Faulkner, who is its dean) has been helping run an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in International Management at the Vitebsk, Grodno and Baranovichi State Universities, as well as at the Belarusian Institute of Jurisprudence. 

Vadim Titov, Magna Carta College’s Executive Director, tells us that Belarus is becoming a centre of training for top managers across the CIS. Course fees cost up to ?17,000, with 35 percent discounts envisaged and 100 percent loans offered at reasonable terms.

Mr. Faulkner donated his first copies of the textbook to the National Library and the BSU library at his book launch and, to ensure that students gain access to a classical English education, Magna Carta College plans to organise contemporary business libraries at each Belarusian university-partner.
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