New association could become centre of influence

Conference of business circles from Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, held in Moscow, tackles how best to smooth path ‘from the Customs Union to Single Economic Space’

By Larisa Rakovskaya

The participants of the conference, which brought together famous economists, businessmen and representatives of three ministries, shared their experience of how to master the new economic conditions created by the Customs Union. The prime ministers of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan attended, significantly raising the level of the meeting and allowing trilateral negotiations.

Much was spoken of the healthy competitive environment for business on the Customs Union market. In his speech, Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich noted that Minsk is keen to see manufacturers enjoy equal conditions within the Customs Union. At present, price disparity is reducing the competitiveness of some countries’ goods against those of others, which enjoy effective subsidisation. He asserts that transnational alliances within the Customs Union are vital to enhance the competitiveness of commodities from our three states on foreign markets “This will make our three countries less dependent on the foreign market situation, while ensuring sustainable development for industry, science and services,” he underlines.

The setting up of transnational corporations will allow the Customs Union to become a centre of economic power on the world arena. This is a matter of the future. So far, Mr. Myasnikovich has invited Russian and Kazakh businessmen to participate more actively in privatising Belarusian enterprises, primarily those from the petrochemical sphere.

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