New ancient Minsk

Building and construction works for more than 20 sites are conducted in the historical center of the capital
Design and survey works for other 19 sites have been completed and for 12 sites the documentation there has already been drawn up, reports the director of the enterprise “Minskaya spadchyna” Pavel Shikunets. He reminded that all the works kept within the boundaries of reconstruction, restoration and rebuilding of the historical center of the capital that was began in 2004. Its aim is to create integrated historical cluster of this district of the city of Minsk.

Historical center of the capital is an important sightseeing for tourism. In this connection it has been planned to form here the area of cultural recreation for the inhabitants of Minsk and the visitors of the capital that will include sightseeing tours, museum and religious installations, creating full-fledged pedestrian, trade, inn, and business infrastructure.

As early as the second quarter of this year the reconstruction of shopping arcade on the Svobody square will be completed. Here will be situated cafй and outer clothing shops. And two side wing of Vankovichy Hose will be rebuilt.

Also reconstruction of Torgovaya street where in prospect it is planned to build multifunction trade and entertainment center starts this year. It is planned to build restaurants and cafй in Zamkovaya street of Rakovsky district. On the territory of Troitsky district there will be carried out the reconstruction of an ex-cafй “Troitskoie” in Starovilenskaya street.
Creation of the system of pedestrian streets is considered to be an objective that also has great importance.

As a whole there is a complex approach towards the reconstruction of the historical center; the adjacent territory and installations are also rebuilt and equipped with modern amenities. As Pavel Shikunets noticed the main scope of work is to be completed until 2010.

Vladimir Domanov
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