Never repeat the horrors of war

70 years have passed but bells of memory still sound

In Volozhin, after almost seven decades, remains have been unearthed of the burial of 107 civilians shot sometime around 1941-1942. Discovered by the 52nd separate specialised search battalion of the Ministry of Defence, the victims are likely to have been of the Jewish faith, as Volozhin was a centre of Jewish education. A monument erected at the crossing of Naberezhnaya and Belorusskaya streets, near the town stadium, in 1961, states that Nazis carried out shootings in the town. Now that the exact location and number of victims is better known, a memorial plaque is planned to be unveiled on June 22nd, accompanied by a memorial ceremony for victims of genocide.

The TRIPLE Group of Companies, which often sponsor Volozhin’s social projects, are bearing the cost. Local authorities from the Volozhin District and Minsk Regional Executive Committees underline that we must do all we can to ensure that our land is never again drenched in blood. Authorities will be joined by representatives of public organisations and priests of various confessions at the unveiling.

By Victor Andreev
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