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Never leaving citizens in any kind of trouble

The Foreign Ministry continues to monitor the fate of four Belarusian citizens imprisoned in Libya on the charge of co-operation with Muammar Gaddafi’s regime
The Chief of the Asia and Africa Department, Igor Leshchenya, has been discussing the matter with the new Chargй d’Affaires ad Interim of Libya to Belarus, Abubaker Atawil, who recently arrived.

A group of citizens from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine were working legally, by contract, on a construction site this summer when they were arrested and sentenced to prison for ten years. Official Minsk denies that they are guilty of any misdemeanour.

Since their sentencing, the men have endured unpleasant conditions, being confined to their cells in darkness for the past month, with no access to phone calls. A wall has been built in front of their windows. Our consulate has maintained constant contact and done all in its power to ease their conditions, bringing medication and food. Ukrainian human rights defender Stanislav Selivanov notes that, a week ago, an official address was sent to Libya’s Military Prosecutor and, if no response is received, Mr. Selivanov plans to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

Our consulate is unable to change the conditions of incarceration, since no treaties on such co-operation exist between Belarus and Libya.
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