Nerves fade on entering fashion runway

Natasha Remarchuk was spotted just six months ago on the Minsk metro but has already made her mark in New York, on the catwalk for Calvin Klein. Aged 17, she introduced the spring collections for Prada, McQueen, Givenchy and Dior, as well as opening the show for Jil Sander. In addition to modelling for Calvin Klein, she has become the face of Donna Karan. In fact, Natasha is a simple hearted, open girl, who has confessed to New York Magazine that she spends her evenings surfing the Internet with a packet of sweets. Here, she tells us about her lessons in abstract art, her desire to meet Einstein and her favourite band: 30 Seconds to Mars
Natasha, tell us about your life in Belarus.
I grew up in a small family: not rich, nor poor. There’s my mum, dad and little brother, who’s eight. He’s a real little monster. At school, I studied art and loved painting. I never considered the runway, just focusing on being a good daughter and good student. I like abstract art since I prefer not to see concrete images on canvas. You can use your imagination, constructing your own world in your head.

How were you discovered by the fashion business?
I was spotted at a Belarusian metro station and offered an invitation six months ago. I’d just graduated from school, which is very important. You need an education. My picture was sent to Elite agency and, from that moment, everything began.

Was Calvin Klein’s show your first?
Yes, and I had an exclusive entrance. First, I passed one casting, and then another. I met the fashion designer, stylist and producer and, apparently, they all liked me — so I got an exclusive. Before the show, I thought, “Oh my God, I’ll be so scared and nervous.” However, when the time came to walk the runway, my fear disappeared.

You opened the Jil Sander show in Milan...
It was quite exciting but important for me to do so. I went first and, when I returned, saw that Jil Sander was crying — I think from happiness. Her work as a designer is very important to her and the show has been her comeback.

How was the show for Dior?
I love Raf Simons. Some designers are very serious but he’s smiling and sweet. As for the show itself, there was a very long catwalk, through two large rooms, which was hard work. It was difficult but looked impressive. I liked the eye makeup, which featured Dior crystals; each girl’s was different in colour and shape. The makeup took about three hours or more; with two people working to place the crystals, which proved tricky.

You’ve already worked several shows for famous names...
I especially wanted McQueen as I love those crazy collections. Did you hear the music in the final show? It was funny. It’s always interesting to see different collections. Those of designers like Jil Sander and Calvin Klein are always serious, with simple silhouettes and colours but you can never predict McQueen. I like painting so I find McQueen inspirational.

Let’s talk about free time. Which authors do you prefer?
I like Jonathan Safran Foer, having read ‘Everything is Illuminated’ and ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’. He’s easy to read while being thought provoking. I also like books by Chuck Palahniuk — such as ‘Fight Club’.

And music?
I love music: indie-rock and soft and hard rock. I adore ‘30 Seconds to Mars’. I’ve been to three of their concerts: in Minsk, St. Petersburg and Kiev. Oh! I just love them.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Eating sweets all evening! Also, models need a lot of sleep — eight hours or more — but I’m always on the Internet. I suddenly realise that it’s 3am and end up not sleeping at all.

Who would you like to meet — living or dead?
The first person would be Albert Einstein. I don’t know why really but he was a real genius. It would be wonderful to chat to such an intelligent mind. Shakespeare would also be on my list.

What advice would you give to tomorrow’s hopeful models?
I think that girls of 15-16 should wait until they are about 18 since, when you’re older, you can tell more easily when people are being honest. It’s not an easy job, as you have to keep in shape, exercising and eating healthily. Meanwhile, attending 10, 11 or 12 castings a day is exhausting. On the other hand, of course, you have the chance to travel and meet various personalities. You grow internally, which helps you become independent.
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