Neighbours view business seriously

Industrially developed Belarus and Ukraine determined to make more use of existing and new joint ventures’ potential

By Lyudmila Stepanovich

Our two countries boast complementary economies: Ukraine’s heavy energy- and machine-building, and Belarus’ microelectronics, instrument-making, agricultural machine-building and tractor making. Joint ventures are advantageous on the territories of both states. Meanwhile, Belarus can use the potential of the Customs Union, while Ukraine has potential for co-operation within the WTO.

According to Vladimir Semashko, Belarus’ First Deputy Prime Minister, the establishment of joint ventures in the Customs Union and their manufacture of products which enjoy demand will enable our two countries to significantly boost sales on foreign markets. Speaking to Ukraine’s First Deputy Prime Minister, Andrei Kluyev, in Kiev, Mr. Semashko expressed confidence that the traditional exports of Belarus and Ukraine should grow.

In turn, Mr. Kluyev voiced Ukraine’s interest in promoting mutually beneficial co-operation with Belarus across a variety of spheres. “Our plans are optimistic and our countries are ready for their implementation,” he said.

The agenda of bilateral co-operation includes 67 points within a previously signed intergovernmental protocol. Priority is being given to co-operation in energy, machine-building and agricultural industry. These issues, among others, were discussed during the Kiev meeting and are now included in a joint action plan to promote Belarus-Ukraine bilateral trade and economic co-operation in 2011.

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