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Neighbours have quite reasonable interest

Lithuanian Institute for Regional Development and Democracy keen to co-operate with Belarus in spreading information about construction of nuclear power station
By Anna Kotova

The Director of the Institute, Virginius Smigelskas, has taken part in a roundtable session, held in Minsk, to discuss the creation of a public awareness centre in Belarus, to open this September. It would promote understanding of issues regarding ecological security during construction and the long term operation of the Belarusian nuclear power station. 

“Primarily, we are neighbours, having lived beside each other and will do so in the future. Accordingly, it’s logical that Lithuanians are keen to know about the construction of the nuclear power station in Belarus and whether it will be ecologically safe. You know that Lithuania also intends to build a nuclear power station and it will be located close to the Belarusian border. No doubt, Belarusians will also be eager to know more about this,” notes Mr. Smigelskas.

He explains that the public information centre in Belarus aims to inform local people not only about our own nuclear power station but about that planned by the Lithuanians. “We support the idea in every way and wish to inform Lithuanians about these developments in Belarus, including sharing information and experience — such as via our institute. It hasn’t been decided yet but you can never have too much information — as long as it’s reliable and professionally reported. We’ll always assist in spreading such information,” he underlines.
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