National treasure nurtured

New Soligorsk chemical facility for high level processing of chlorine-based materials

By Lyudmila Satsenko

The new chemical plant is to be launched at Belaruskali JSC, with plans currently being drawn up. During his working trip to Belaruskali JSC, Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich noted, “We plan to set up production of chemicals using potassium and sodium-nitrogen derivatives. In 4-6 weeks, construction of a chemical facility should begin, manufacturing alkalis, chlorine, hydrogen and a range of other chemical products needed for our further economic activity.” He believes such production will allow Belaruskali to significantly expand its capacity, while diversifying its manufacturing and raising revenue.

Mr. Myasnikovich tells us that the second construction stage envisages the establishment of a complex facility to produce polymerised vinyl chloride — PVC — (a polymeric material used to produce doors, windows, linoleum and other products which Belarus currently imports. Explaining enhanced interest in Belaruskali’s projects, Mr. Myasnikovich notes, “These projects originate with the National Academy of Sciences; we’ve worked on the technologies, using pilot plants, creating projects which, at full scale, will be a national treasure… the ideas themselves and the production of ready made products.”

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