Napoleonic wars still alive

Borisov may become a member of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities
By Andrey Fiodorov

The Borisov District Executive Committee hosted a meeting with the President of the Federation, Charles Napoleon, the Director of the organisation of cities-participants of the war of 1812, Jacques Mattei, and the Consul of France, Christoph Bramoulle. During the visit, the guests visited the Borisov State Museum, which houses an exhibition hall on the history of the war of 1812. Another object of attention was the house and estate of historian, Ivan Kolodeev, which boasts the largest European collection of materials about the two hundred year old war.

The foreign visitors suggested to the Belarusian side that they continue co-operation on the entry of Borisov into the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities. The French experts will determine the list of directions for popularisation of the theme of Napoleon which may be carried out in Belarus.

Created in 2004, the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities includes about 50 cities of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and other European countries. All of them are historically connected with the activity of the well-known French commander. The main aims of the Federation are the development of tourist contacts, the organisation of joint cultural projects and the co-operation of researchers, historians, educational institutions and youth. The Federation develops tourist programs, and in particular, works on the creation of a virtual ‘Napoleon’s Road’ across cities and countries connected with the history of the Napoleonic wars. It is hoped that Borisov, and the surrounding area, will become part of this tourist route.
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