‘My dream came true so I am happy’

Alena Lanskaya, representing Belarus at Eurovision-2013 and ranked 16th, considers her performance at the competition a success. After the final show, she shared her impressions with journalists and admitted that she was happy because her childhood dream to participate in Eurovision had, at last, come true
By Yekaterina Nechaeva

“I’m happy that my dream has come true. I’ve dreamed of Eurovision for many years,” said Alena, adding that she is very grateful to all the team members who helped her to prepare for the performance. “I’ve been working with a great team and have never before experienced such unity and understanding,” she admitted. “We tried hard, did our best and we achieved a good result.”

Reporters asked Ms. Lanskaya to comment on why she thought Russia had failed to award any points to Belarus this year, to which she replied, “The competition is unpredictable; you have to be ready for any outcome.”

As to whether Ms. Lanskaya would take part in Eurovision next year, she emphasised that she has just spent 6 months working on her entry and was looking forward to resting. She added, “Another stage has been completed in my life. Eurovision has been a great adventure and journey but is now over.” She stressed that ‘she is ready for new discoveries’, noting, “I’ve planned a big solo concert and have recorded a new album in English language in London — soon to be released. I have a lot of new ideas and am ready to experiment; life goes on.”

At the International Eurovision-2013 Song Contest, Ms. Lanskaya lacked experience performing on the big stage, as Honoured Artist of Belarus Inna Afanasieva commented. She explained, “Confidence in performing on big stages is gained with time. It was obvious that Alena was nervous and the contest is a serious trial. You need distinct charisma to withstand the pressure.” At the same time, she noted that Belarus had presented its song with dignity, and was well rehearsed, with Alena demonstrating great determination to take part in Eurovision.

Speaking of the winner, Danish Emmelie de Forest, Ms. Afanasieva expressed doubts regarding her triumph. “While last year’s winner (Swedish Loreen) was obvious, this year’s is more controversial; of course, it’s a matter of taste.” The Honoured Artist of Belarus notes that it’s best to take a calm approach, focusing on the opportunity to reach a wider audience and gain experience. “For a creative person, it’s a good opportunity to show your talent and raise your professional level,” she said.

Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest won with Only Teardrops, while Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov came second with Hold Me; Ukrainian Zlata Ognevich’s Gravity was placed third. Belarusian Alena Lanskaya’s Solayoh took 16th place.
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