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Belarus’ Prime Minister, Andrei Kobyakov, keen to develop Belarusian-Turkish relations

Mutual investment interests

Belarus’ Prime Minister, Andrei Kobyakov, keen to develop Belarusian-Turkish relations, as he tells journalists during Belarus Investment Forum, hosted by Istanbul

BMZ preserves export position

“Turkey is already open to us but we’re somehow opening it anew,” noted Mr. Kobyakov.

He commented on potential mutual investments, underlining, “We know that Turkey is investing in Belarus. Our citizens are well aware of the hotels constructed by Turkish builders: the President Hotel, the Minsk Hotel and the Crown Plaza Hotel. A range of projects is being implemented, with serious investments in the construction sphere,” noted the Head of the Belarusian Government.

He also mentioned that Belarus has its own investment interests in Turkey. This primarily refers to the establishment of assembly production of tractor and automobile machinery, as well as heavy-duty dump trucks.

“They’re desperately in need of harvesting machinery of the class we’re producing,” explained Mr. Kobyakov. In his words, trials are being conducted and, if they are a success, serious contracts will be signed for the supply of machinery. In future, assembly production could be set up on Turkish territory.

“Our key task is to expand mutual trade turnover to a very reasonable $1bn next year. It currently stands at around $650m,” noted Mr. Kobyakov.

Mr. Kobyakov added that, during the Belarus Investment Forum, around 20 documents were signed, aiming to develop economic relations between our two states.

Around 600 business representatives and officials from our two countries took part in the Belarus Investment Forum, the programme of which included a plenary session of panel discussions across three areas: macroeconomics, the investment climate and investment projects and sites in Belarus.

By Pavel Evseev
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