Musical narration of feeling and emotions

Port Mone instrumental trio presenting ‘Album of the Year’ at its solo concert in Minsk

Port Mone, whose Thou was named ‘Album of the Year’ in March, following voting by Belarusian and foreign critics at, is to hold a solo-concert on May 21st.

Thou was composed in Belarus and recorded in the forest near Minsk, but has since gained international recognition, having been released by the Slovakian Hevhetia Records label. The trio has toured Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland and Sweden but is yet to perform on a grand scale in Minsk.

Port Mone was founded in Minsk in 2006, comprising Alexey Vorsoba (accordion), Alexey Vanchuk (bass guitar) and Sergey Kravchenko (percussion). Their music is a narration of feelings, emotions and sensations.

Thou is the band’s third album. Their debut, Dip (2009), was released by Russian Geometria, while Khmeleva Project (2012) was a joint project with Ukrainian DakhaBrakha folk group and released by Nash Format (Ukraine). Both discs were awarded the Foreign Experts’ Prize at Moreover, in 2013, the trio created a sound track for the Ukrainian silent film Bread (1929).

By Anastasia Shoplya
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