Music and harmony of Chinese hieroglyphs impress visitors

Visitors to Belarus’ National Library unveil world of Chinese calligraphy

Entrepreneur and teacher of Chinese language Li Zuo has a personal exhibition of calligraphy at the Mobilnaya (Mobile) Gallery of the National Library of Belarus. It features over 60 calligraphic works for original Chinese poems. They are short in length but rich in content, with rhyming pairs of lines, written to follow ancient traditions.

Li Zuo works at the Department of International Relations of the Belarusian State University and has enjoyed calligraphy as a hobby since childhood. His works have been often recognised at Chinese contests — twice winning gold medals and three times capturing silver.

The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Union of Writers of Belarus and the Confucius Institute, aiming to raise interest in the art of calligraphy and in Chinese culture in general. Chinese calligraphy boasts a 5000 year old history, with the first inscriptions carved on animal bones and carapaces. This beautiful form of writing is now recognised as an art, being able to emotionally influence us with its rich form and diverse styles.

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