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Museum Labyrinths hold variety of secrets

Visitors to the National Art Museum of Belarus have made their own contribution, thanks to the interactive Colour Has Its Soul, Disclosing Itself for the World, Love, Beauty and Infinity — part of the Museum Labyrinths project. This synthesises two independent interactive projects: the cultural and educational programme Colour Has Its Soul, Ready to Disclose Itself — and a conceptual canvas by Belarusian painter Victor Tikhonov — The World, Love, Beauty, Infinity…
Victor Tikhonov’s 2x3m canvas is installed in the museum lobby, in front of the entrance door, with brushes and paints laid out for anyone wishing to try their hand. He is confident that we all have an artistic side. Several hundred people from around the world and from all walks of life have already added their contributions to the masterpiece. The experiment allows visitors to explore how colours can be created, mixing shades like ancient alchemists to find their own unique palette.

The Museum Labyrinths project aims to promote museums and domestic culture, featuring a whole range of interactive activities and a quiz covering many of the city’s museums: the Modern Fine Arts Gallery, the State Museum of Belarusian Literary History, the Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum, the Yakub Kolas State Literary-Memorial Museum, the Petrus Brovka Literary Museum, the Belarusian State Museum of Great Patriotic War History, the Museum of Minsk City History and the State Museum of the History of Theatre and Musical Culture. They can be visited in any order. Guides are on hand to help answer questions where needed and all those who complete the quiz correctly will win a three day trip to Vienna, including a visit to the Museum Quarter (Europe’s largest museum and cultural complex). 
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