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Multi-vector character of Belarusian foreign policy confirmed by meeting with foreign diplomats

Much work still lies ahead, with mutual desire to do it properly

Much work still lies ahead, with mutual desire to do it properly

Belarus is ready to expand mutually beneficial co-operation with various countries, noted the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, on receiving the credentials of foreign ambassadors. The Head of State underlined the imminent celebration of the national holiday: the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. He noted, “There are fateful dates in the history of every nation, which mark the launch of a new page in history. The liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, who condemned our people to annihilation, is such a milestone date for us.”

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, accepts credentials from 11 foreign ambassadors

Mr. Lukashenko pointed out the importance of diplomats working at a time of dynamic change for Belarus, as it reaches new heights in integration. According to the President, the development of the Eurasian Economic Union considerably expands the range of trade-economic co-operation with Belarus and enhances its investment attractiveness.

He underlined that Belarus attaches attention to interaction with CIS states. Receiving the credentials from the Ambassador of Turkmenistan, Mr. Lukashenko noted that, over the past five years, our bilateral relations with this country have reached a strategic partnership level.

Meanwhile, mutually beneficial ties with European Union member states are a focus of Belarus’ foreign policy. The Head of State stressed that Belarus is interested in collaboration with Belgium and seeks to systematise and enhance bilateral ties. Belarus sees promise in co-operation across various fields, including trade with Denmark, to which Mr. Lukashenko sees ‘no obstacles’. He believes it’s high time that full-format co-operation was restored with Sweden. Addressing the Swedish Ambassador, the President noted, “Welcome back!” Mr. Lukashenko especially noted the importance of collaboration with Sweden, a country with which Belarus has no problems. The Head of State emphasised that Belarus is interested in Swedish experience, which has proven useful across various spheres, particularly social and economic. The Swedish Ambassador agreed with Mr. Lukashenko, noting that our two countries have major prospects.

The President noted that Belarus and Ireland have significant potential for expanding bilateral ties. He asserted, “Active contacts in the humanitarian field and at interpersonal level have emerged, thanks to the sincere support of Ireland in helping mitigate the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The recuperation of children from affected regions has created a favourable background for interaction in other areas.”

Mr. Lukashenko noted the development of co-operation between Belarus and Latin American countries. Accepting credentials from the Ambassador of Argentina to Belarus, with concurrent accreditation, Mr. Lukashenko stressed our long-standing ties and successful co-operation within international organisations.

According to the President, Brazil could become Belarus’ main trade-economic partner on the South-American continent. “We expect that the new Ambassador of Brazil will help considerably intensify economic, political and cultural ties between our countries,” said the President of Belarus. Meanwhile, he believes that interaction between Belarus and Uruguay requires more attention.

The President noted that political and mutually beneficial trade-economic ties with Middle Eastern and African countries should continue to be a priority for Belarus’ foreign policy. Addressing the Ambassador of Kuwait to Belarus (concurrent), Mr. Lukashenko stressed that Belarus highly appreciates the mediatory and peace-making efforts of Kuwait, aimed at solving topical regional issues. The President noted that Belarus is interested in the expansion of political, trade-economic and credit-investment collaboration with this country, and invited Kuwaiti investment funds to implement projects in Belarus.

Receiving credentials from the Ambassador of Jordan to Belarus (concurrent), the President said that major untapped potential exists regarding our mutually beneficial relations. Mr. Lukashenko expressed hope that the accreditation of the ambassador would inspire active bilateral ties.

Addressing the diplomats, the President said that business activities, initiatives and a creative approach to the resolution of the most complicated issues should bring tangible results, allowing us to reach new heights in bilateral relations, for the benefit of our nations.

Speaking about security and peace in the region, the Head of State noted, “One should not overestimate our role. We are simple people who want to live in peace with their neighbours. When war takes place near our borders, not only in a neighbouring country, but in a fraternal country, we cannot stand aside. This is a simple formula and the crux of our policy. We are not trying to play a geopolitical role; we cannot and should not do so. We do not want elderly people, children and women, who cannot leave the conflict zone, to die. This is our policy.”

By Vasily Kharitonov
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