Much interesting to discuss with colleagues

Minsk hosts meeting between museum employees of Belarusian capital and Art Culture of the Russian North State Museum Association, from Russian Arkhangelsk
The meeting between Belarusian and Russian colleagues has focused on the expansion of inter-museum ties and the sharing of museum and pedagogical experience. Research officers from the Museum Association and volunteer teachers from Arkhangelsk are united in the Map of Museum Treasures programme (being organised jointly with the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov). Our guests arrived in Belarus to meet museum staff and to see collections being held at Minsk museums, as well as viewing the leading castles near the capital.

Guests from Arkhangelsk don’t come empty-handed

As part of the Teacher and Art Museum seminar, many presented interesting ideas. Ksenia Matsegora, who heads the Museum of Art Development of the Arctic (named after A.A. Borisov), told us about the art museum in Arkhangelsk, while Yelena Kolebakina, a candidate of historical sciences and Associate Professor of the Chair for Cultural and Religion Studies at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (named after M.V. Lomonosov), discussed co-operation between museums and academics. Yelena Buiko, a teacher for arts and world art culture in an open school, presented practical lessons for teachers and pupils, jointly with the museum. Lyudmila Kaneva, a pictorial art teacher from secondary school #55 in Arkhangelsk, revealed to colleagues the peculiarities of Kholmogory bone carving, while Svetlana Rogozina, a teacher of history and the head of the museum in the same school, showed methods for finding documents on missing soldiers, from state archives in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Belarus. 

The discussion also tackled common problems faced by museum employees and major methods of working with visitors, as well as collaboration with higher and secondary schools. Guests also watched an interactive theatrical presentation on women’s northern folk costume as part of the Art Culture of the Russian North programme.

Much of educational worth at the meeting

The Scientific Secretary of the National Art Museum of Belarus, Yulia Maspanova, met Russian colleagues, showing them various museum displays, while the head of the Department for Scientific and Enlightening Work, Dmitry Solodky, held the Archangel the Michael, the Voivode of Severe Powers interactive programme for his colleagues.

Vladimir Prokoptsov, the Director General of the National Art Museum, has signed a five-year treaty on co-operation on behalf of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, with the Art Culture of the Russian North State Museum Association from Arkhangelsk.

By Vladimir Mikhailov

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