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Much achievable in five hours

Belarusian students acknowledged best at All-Russian Programming Olympiad

By Nikolay Zhemanov

Youngsters from the Gomel Region’s Mozyr have performed brilliantly in the finals of the 12th All-Russian Programming Olympiad in St. Petersburg — organised by several leading Russian universities. Our young programming teams from Gomel and Mozyr captured gold medals and 1st degree diplomas, beating almost two hundred teams from countries such as Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia and Tajikistan. Their success is especially significant considering that, to reach the finals, each team had to pass regional selection rounds and an Internet tournament.

“The conditions were really tough,” notes the Head of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee’s Education Department, Sergey Poroshin. “Each team was provided with a single computer to solve eleven complicated tasks in just five hours. Our youngsters solved almost every task with the minimum time penalty. The team taught by famous Mikhail Dolinsky, Yelena Minyailova and Alexey Borunov was acknowledged best in the CIS.”

Pleasingly, other Belarusian teams — including from a Svetlogorsk gymnasium — won 2nd and 3rd degree diplomas at the international event. Each member now has the chance to enter the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics without taking an examination — or can choose to study any IT related specialty at any Russian university.

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