Moving up ratings ladder

Belarus rises 22 positions on last year’s figures in Doing Business 2012 report by World Bank and International Finance Corporation

The Doing Business 2012 report includes 183 countries, studying key legislation regulating the business activity for national companies. The rating takes into consideration reforms conducted from June 2010 to May 2011, with ten indicators used.
Belarus enjoys 9th position in ‘Starting a Business’, 156th — in ‘Paying Taxes’, 152nd — in ‘Trading Across Borders’, 4th — in ‘Registering Property’, 44th — in ‘Dealing with Construction Permits’, 98th — in ‘Gaining Credit’, 82nd — in ‘Resolving Insolvency’, 14th — in ‘Enforcing Contracts’, 79th — in ‘Protecting Investors’, and 175th — in ‘Gaining Electricity’.

The authors note that some conditions of business have improved in Belarus, with the move up from last position in ‘Paying Taxes’ being the major success (up from 183rd last year). Pleasingly, Belarus has advanced 27 positions, to 156th place.
Overall, the country has risen 22 places, joining the top twenty states for advancement, and is now among the top three ‘reformers’, behind Georgia and Ruanda.

“Belarus has significantly advanced, so we hope that, next year, progress will be even more apparent,” stressed one of the Doing Business 2012 authors, Tea Trumbic, at a Minsk briefing.

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