Motovelo ignites

New owners of a famous brand consider initial investments into production as counting of new grandiose plans
Minsk motorcycle and bicycle plant was founded in November of 1945, in 1999 it was reformed into open joint-stock company. The enterprise produces different models of bicycles, road motorcycles, sport, cargo motor trolleys, and also cycle trailers, cycle simulators, wheelchairs, spare parts to motorcycles and bicycles.

Аn Austrian company ATEC Holding GmbH at the present time is an owner of OJSC “Motovelo”. It invited the specialists of Renfrew Group in Minsk for development of the design of modern models of Minsk motorcycles within limited terms. The parties discussed preliminary idea of the future motor facilities. “To May of 2008, I hope, we will receive a prototype of a new motorcycle, and in August-September we will begin its experimental production, — said the director of the company ATEC Holding GmbH Alexander Muraviev. — New motor facilities shall be in a model line of 2009 and it will be presented to our buyers”.

During several years in the world of motor industry great changes occurred. International integration gives possibility to obtain access to the most modern technologies in this sphere, to design, engineering, marketing and to the technology of development of motor culture. “It is important for us not only to sell a motorcycle, but to make it a part of life of the society. In order this facilities would firmly went into an everyday life of a person, in order a motorcycle to be positioned both as sport and a show”, — noted Alexander Muraviev. JCJSC “Motorcycle company “Minsk-Moto” has already concluded an agreement with the federation of motorcycle sport of the republic. Now the motorcycles of “Minsk” brand shall be among the main at sport competitions.

In order to achieve such results, the company referred to the services of European engineering bureau. It has been producing motorcycles for many years, has relations with the enterprises in the sphere of branding, graphics and designing. For example, if to project a new motorcycle today without experience, it is necessary to test it during one year. And if the European bureau makes it, than practically each component here is safe and ready to production, considers the director.

Besides, the company Renfrew Group works at design of a wide line of production, starting with consumer goods and finishing with composing compound units and mechanisms, from initial concept to production of a ready prototype. At the company’s disposal there is corresponding equipment. If serial production is necessary, the company Renfrew Group renders consultation assistance.

As for the price for a motorcycle, “it isn’t connected with something what we do today, because services of the European bureau for one motorcycle will not exceed 20–25 US Dollars”, underlined the director. “I think, that for a motorcycle of the world class these expenses are incommensurable”, considers Alexander Muraviev.

In compliance with the terms of the contract of purchase and sale of shares of the OJSC “Motovelo” the company ATEC Holding GmbH undertaken obligations on maintenance of specialization of “Motovelo” on the production of motor and cycle equipment and its trade mark, and also on investment into development of OJSC in 2007–2012 of not less than 20 million US Dollars. “This is minimum. In fact, we invest as much, as it is necessary to solve the assigned tasks. 20 million US Dollars are just as an invitation card, as start”, — noted Alexander Muraviev.

According to calculations, upon growth of volumes of production the share of sales of “Minsk” motorcycles in Russia and other CIS countires, in Poland, can amount to 5–10 percents. In a perspective OJSC “Motovelo” plans to increase the volume of production of motorcycles to 20 thousands and bicycles to 400 thousands.

Recently difficult financial status of the enterprise hasn’t allow it developing, the competitive ability descended, that is why the volumes of production dropped. Now the situation normalizes. By results of 2007, “Motovelo” produced 1300 motorcycles more, that in 2006.

Ivan Tsyrulnikov
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