Motorshow-2011 as ‘acid test’ for automobile market

International Motorshow-2011, held in Minsk, matches and, even, exceeds audience appeal of International Automobile Expo in Frankfurt

Dmitry Yarota, Director General of the Belarusian car show’s organiser — Remark, has compared the shows in Minsk and Frankfurt, noting that the Belarusian fair boasts a more appealing programme. Where the German event focuses primarily on automobiles, the Belarusian Motorshow tries to create a festive atmosphere of performances.

The Minsk fair boasted about 150 cutting-edge cars at the Football Manege, with visitors invited to sit in most of the models. These examples of the latest developments in the world’s automobile industry were intriguing to enthusiasts and potential customers alike. Every half hour, each stand gave a presentation, with two models of Ё-mobile, the roadster Mazda MX-4, a vintage Ford car and several other classic cars taking centre stage.

Mr. Yarota emphasises that the fair allows automobile business professionals to meet face-to-face with potential clients while seeing their competition and holding beneficial negotiations. Visitors say that the Belarusian Motorshow has greatly improved since its last incarnation two and a half years ago — as proven by its scale and the range of new cars on display.

Motorshow-2011 is an ‘acid test’ for the whole automobile market. Its organisers believe that the Belarusian automobile market is due to experience serious growth, while competition between automobile companies has greatly intensified. It’s hoped that, as soon as the currency market stabilises, Belarusian car dealers will see sales rise across the board — to individuals and businesses. A part-exchange system of trading in old cars as part payment towards new models is planned, to aid sales. If currency difficulties are removed in the coming months, all those involved in the automobile business should see revenue recover.

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