Moscow to meet New Year in Belarusian style

Novopolotsk’s Anna Lukashok charms Russian capital

By Yulia Yevstigneeva

Anna has taken second place at the 1st open contest to design New Year decorations for the Russian capital. Within the next few weeks, her large family of snowmen will appear on the snow-covered streets of Moscow.

In all, 65 people from across the CIS and beyond took part in the competition — organised by the News Outdoor Advertising Agency, assisted by the Moscow Government’s Mass Media and Advertising Department. Some even hailed from the USA. First place went to Russian Tolyatti.

“I read an advertisement on the Internet and decided to enter,” she recollects. “Within a couple of days, I’d created drawings and sent them in, later receiving an email congratulating me on second place.” Besides the honour of having her idea brought to life, Anna has won a prize of 35,000 Russian Roubles.

“Undoubtedly, it’s a great idea, which immediately stood out from the others; it will be even more interesting after adaptation,” notes advertising expert Vladimir Yevstafiev, the Deputy President of the Russian Communications Association and official representative of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in Russia.

Anna’s family of snowmen comprises a father and mother with several babies; she admits that it was close to her heart, as she is a young mother herself. Her son Petya inspired her creativity. “The plot is simple, showing that the New Year is a family holiday. I have two sisters, so I know how wonderful it is to gather a group of children around a fir tree,” she smiles. “My husband and I hope that our own family will be large.”

Anna has no plans to travel to Moscow to look at the finished sculptures; rather, she’s spending the New Year holiday in Grodno with her grandparents. However, the News Outdoor Agency assures us that her design will soon grace the Russian capital, for the enjoyment of everyone passing by.

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