Moscow brings together champions

Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva to perform in Champions Race, hosted by Moscow on April 6th
By Igor Leshin

The races will bring together the world’s top biathletes, including the holders of this season’s Big Crystal Globes: French Martin Fourcade and Norwegian Tora Berger. The men’s events will also feature Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway), Yevgeny Ustyugov (Russia), Jakov Fak (Slovenia), Bjцrn Ferry (Sweden) and Simon Furkad (France). The women’s race includes Marie Dorin Aber (France), Kaisa Mдkдrдinen (Finland), Gabriela Soukalova (the Czech Republic), Olga Vilukhina (Russia), Anastasiya Kuzmina (Slovakia), Miriam Gцssner (Germany) and Vita and Valya Semerenko (Ukraine), alongside Ms. Domracheva.

Moscow is hosting the Champions Race for the third time, with athletes starting and finishing from inside the Olympiysky Sports Complex, which seats 20,000 fans. The shooting range will also be located inside but a considerable part of the track is being laid outside the arena, created by the organisers on adjacent grounds. 
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