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Belarusian athletes earn eleven licenses to Summer Olympics 2012

Based on the results of the World Table Tennis Championship, held in Rotterdam, Vladimir Samsonov and Victoria Pavlovich have earned places at the London 2012 Games. Representatives of four sports — marksmanship, track and field, table tennis and swimming — now have places at the Olympics.

For marksmanship, Sergey Martynov will be representing our country (small calibre rifle event, from 50m) as will Victoria Chaika (pneumatic pistol, 10m) and Konstatin Lukashik (pneumatic pistol, 10m). The qualifications are not personalised however. In swimming, Alexandra Gerasimenya and Svetlana Khokhlova have licenses. Meanwhile, for track and field events, four athletes have qualified: Olga Salevich, Anastasia Starovoitova, Marina Domantsevich and Stepan Rogovtsov (marathon running).

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