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Free economic zone Brest’s investment potential demonstrated at International Global Connect 2010 Exhibition in Stuttgart

By Olga Kobyakova


“Our major goal was to familiarise international business with Belarus’ economic potential and the free economic zone of Brest, in particular. Stuttgart’s exhibition is a perfect place to fulfil this task,” noted the Head of the FEZ Brest Administration, Victor Nevdakh.


The free economic zone’s administration was demonstrated at the exhibition on a joint federal stand of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Its organiser is Baden-Wuerttemberg International (the Agency for International Economic and Scientific Co-operation). The FEZ Brest Administration signed an agreement on co-operation with this organisation in 2008, during the 1st Brest Investment Forum.


FEZ Brest was established in 1996 and is the first free economic region of Belarus. Its residents primarily export food, furniture, gas ovens, machines and paints for road marking. At present, 70 residents are registered, including 54 using foreign investments. Capital from 19 countries is represented here.

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