Monument unique in all of Europe

Nesvizh Castle’s reconstruction to be completed in 2011

Reconstruction is soon to be completed on the 16th-18th century palace-and-park ensemble in Nesvizh — the unique architectural site included on UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List. The Castle will open its doors to visitors, boasting a new museum exhibition. Major renovation works will end this year but minor renovation is to continue (of frescos and fireplaces).

“We’d like to have everything of the highest quality in the Castle and restoration of frescos requires expertise, so cannot be placed within the confines of the construction schedule. This architectural monument is unique for both Belarus and Europe, containing numerous original elements from the 16th-18th century; our primary task is to conserve them,” asserts Sergey Drushchits, helping manage the project. He adds that tourists have been welcomed for several years, with popularity evident. Heating, lighting and air conditioning are in place, while the interior decoration is almost finished.

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