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Monument to Maxim Bogdanovich to be erected in Grodno

Regional centre sums up results of contest for creating sculpture dedicated to the poet

By Yevgenia Semidetova

Over four months, artists and sculptors presented around 20 ideas to the jury, which featured specialists from the construction industry, as well as architects and cultural experts. They chose ‘Vyanok’ (‘Wreath’), designed by a team of Minsk artists, headed by Leonid Gumilevsky. The sculpture is to undergo some modification to ensure a good appearance from all sides and will then be erected in the central park (named after Zhiliber), near a fountain and the Maxim Bogdanovich House-Museum.

The classical Belarusian writer spent his childhood in Grodno and died at the tender age of 26, leaving a rich artistic legacy. Bogdanovich’s contribution to Belarusian literature is comparable with that of Russia’s Alexander Pushkin in its diversity. Bogdanovich was the first in Belarusian literature to compose various verse forms, including sonnets and rondels.
The sculpture is to be unveiled as part of celebrations devoted to the 120th anniversary of the poet’s birth.

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