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In H1 2014, Belarus invested $3.2bn abroad

Money should really work

By Vasily Khmelevsky

In H1 2014, Belarus invested $3.2bn abroad

According to data of the National Statistical Committee, Belarusian organisations have directed significant volumes of investments to Russia (31.4 percent of the total amount), the UK (22.1 percent), the Netherlands (21.5 percent), and Ukraine (15.6 percent).

table.pngTrade organisations sent the biggest amounts of investment abroad (61.1 percent of the total injections), followed by industrial organisations (25.5 percent) and transport companies (9.8 percent). FDI accounted for 70 percent of the total investments, allocated abroad.

Compared to H1 2013, the volume of FDI sent abroad fell by 3.4 percent. The major form of direct investments was debt instruments (98.6 percent of the total volume of FDI).

The amount of foreign direct, and accordingly, the total volume of allocated investments includes debt for goods, works and services to the direct investor resident of Belarus, which totalled $2.2bn (during H1 2014), or 1.1 percent less than in H1 2013.

The greatest sums of direct investments abroad were sent to trade organisations (54 percent of the total volume), industry (31.1 percent) and transport (12.2 percent).

Considerable amounts of direct investment (taking into account debts for goods, works and services) were allocated by the Belarusian organisations to Russia (39.5 percent), the UK (31.4 percent) and Ukraine (22.2 percent).

Belarusian organisations allocated $1bn of other investments abroad — 1.5 times more than in H1 2013 — accounting for 30 percent of all monetary injection sent abroad.

Over the first six months of this year, the greatest amount of investment was sent by organisations in Minsk (78.3 percent), as well as the Minsk Region (6.8 percent) and the Mogilev Region (5.1 percent).
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