Modernity in the Mirror of Time

Exhibition by Belarusian painter Marina Elyashevich opens at Repin’s Zdravnevo Museum-Estate
By Andrey Fiodorov

Marina Elyashevich presented ten portraits of women, created using the Chinese painting technique. To create the works, the artist used rice paper, ink, and mineral pigments. “The project has been intended for this particular museum and is dedicated to the early 20th century. The works feature images of young women from the times of Ilya Repin. This is an attempt to connect the present day with the past. The Mirror of Time presents the modernity, reflected in the past,” noted Ms. Elyashevich at the exhibition.

The artist emphasised that her works unite two cultures. “I use Chinese materials and technique, but the emotions and inspiration are purely Belarusian,” she added.

The artist said that she visited the museum in Zdravnevo for the first time last year. Since then she has wanted to return to the place, but not empty-handed. The Mirror of Time exhibition made her dream come true.

Alexey Sukhorukov, Head of the Zdravnevo branch of the Vitebsk Regional Local History Museum, noted that both the artist and the museum were interested in the co-operation. “The personal exhibition will last till February, and we’ve also agreed that in the spring Marina Elyashevich will give a master-class and participate in our ‘plein airs’, our outdoor painting event. This year, all the events at the museum will be held in the context of the 170th anniversary of Ilya Repin and the 25th anniversary of the museum. The Mirror of Time personal exhibition by Marina Elyashevich is the first event to celebrate these anniversaries,” stressed Mr. Sukhorukov.
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