Modernisation proceeds at an acceptable level

The President set a number of tasks on the development of tanning and footwear manufacture

A conversation, which took place at the Minsk Leather Production Association (MLPA) in Gatovo, started in November 2012. At that time, at a special meeting, the President set a number of tasks on the development of tanning and footwear manufacture.
By Dmitry Krymov

A conversation, which took place at the Minsk Leather Production Association (MLPA) in Gatovo, started in November 2012. At that time, at a special meeting, the President set a number of tasks on the development of tanning and footwear manufacture.


Minsk Leather Production Association JSC in Gatovo

The situation at that time was rather difficult. Technically weak leather-processors could not satisfy the needs of footwear producers on the quality of material. As a result, valuable tanning raw materials were frequently sold abroad and, at times, even came back in the form of imports after more delicate processing. It was obvious that it would harm the national economy in the form of contribution to the negative balance of trade. It is actually a loss of currency for no reason, because of the banal non-coordination of actions of technological units of the branch. The President demanded an improvement in the situation and gave a number of instructions on the modernisation of the enterprises. This time, as he himself announced to workers of the MLPA, he arrived in Gatovo to see how his orders were fulfilled.

I admit, I am not so competent in the estimation of nuances of technological level of tanning manufacture, but the finished goods looked rather good. The leather is of quite good quality for the manufacture of footwear and fancy products, with a rich palette of colours and shades. The new line of production — leather for furniture — looks good. Having examined the samples and, as usual, having touched and having smelt it, I thought that I would willingly cover my passenger compartment with such material. In general, manufacturers in Gatovo have mastered the production of high-quality goods. But what is even more important, is that the administration has an accurate vision of its development and modernisation continues.

However, in the context of further work of the branch as a whole, there are some nuances.
The President asked in detail about three more tanning enterprises: in Bobruisk, Grodno and Mogilev. The Bobruisk industrial complex is almost the same level as the Minsk enterprise, while Grodno’s manufacture is more modest and in Mogilev, they are almost bankrupt. The perspective problem of growth is seen in the way that after modernisation, MLPA could process almost all the raw materials made in Belarus. So what will the others do? Today, there are several offers. However the most appropriate — is reorganisation, after which the basic capacities will be concentrated on the Minsk and Bobruisk enterprises. At the same time, specialists consider questions of the importation of additional volumes of raw materials for the full loading of capacities. But definitely, our own materials will not be delivered abroad any more. The action of the corresponding governmental decree is prolonged.

Alexander Lukashenko demanded the formulation of final offers by October. While this month, he demanded to prepare for a complex meeting on the theme in Vitebsk. Two basic manufactures — consumers of tanning production — are concentrated in this city. Besides, the project of development of fur manufacture is realised under presidential order. Thus, the decisions on corresponding questions will be made. And the President formulated the general essence of problems in such a way — the main thing for the State is to independently feed and dress its people. The question on foodstuffs is solved, while questions on clothes and footwear will be soon solved. But it is necessary to understand that the main estimation is made by the consumers’ choice. Their sympathies should be won by local high quality.

Word for word

Communicating with workers of the MPLA, the President mentioned the Ukrainian theme. “I have said many times that fratricidal war is happening there. It is rivalry and it is confrontation. You know, who benefits from that. Not we, not Ukraine, not Russia. And we are very much worried that there would be escalation of this conflict. Therefore we, as much as it is possible, try to calm down the situation in Ukraine.

But you can be quiet. The deep reasons are not in Americans and not in Europeans. While in them, it is corruption, it is disorder of the power which governed nothing, except requisitions, it is gangsterism. They started that situation themselves. And then, seeing that in a large country, a very rich country in the centre of Europe, a conflict flames us, they started stirring it up. You know who did that — the West. And further — thousands and maybe millions of idlers all over the world who are able to fight well. It is their bread. And they start to flock together like vultures. Such birds, from every corner of the globe, start to flock where there is a trouble. It is dangerous, and it is near us. With our people... Therefore, the major task is that this infection does not come to us. But these are my issues. Do not worry! Your business is to make high-quality goods. And if all is good with our economy, if our people are busy, instead of sleeping with a gun, a pistol under their pillow, then there will be peace in our country.”

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