Modernisation in line with outlined plan

Belarusian Steel Works completes implementation of two investment projects — worth $23m
By Vitaly Khromov

These projects are an important and indispensable part of the plant’s development programme until 2015, whose major aim is to raise steel production volumes up to 3m tonnes per year, while moving away from selling cast sections through the mastering of technologies of their complete processing.

“In total, last year, the Belarusian Steel Works injected over Br2 trillion into production modernisation and reconstruction,” says Anatoly Savenok, BMZ’s Director General. “The implemented measures will enable us to increase labour efficiency, reduce consumption of electrical energy and electrodes, while also reducing smelting time and improving ergonomic figures of the steelmaking process. Moreover, this modernisation will considerably improve the environment at the enterprise and enable us to seriously reduce the volumes of natural gas burning.”

From 2011 to 2015, the BMZ development programme envisages over 500m Euros in investments, which will be directed at implementing these large projects. “The launch of the steel-making furnace is our first step this year, and we are aiming to complete the started plan,” added Mr. Savenok. “Soon, a continuous casting machine will be also put into operation, with work also underway at the lime burning furnace. By end of the year, we should have launched a new long product rolling mill, the largest-scale project scheduled by the company for the current five years. Its cost will total 330m Euros.”

Despite the fact, that the world market is observing a surplus of capacity, the produce of the Belarusian Steel Works always finds its buyers. “We dispatch most of our metal goods to the EU states and the Russian Federation. In total, we export our produce to 60 countries around the world,” noted the Director General.
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