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Modern technologies to meet at industrial park

National Academy of Sciences keen to take part in Belarusian-Chinese industrial park projects

By Olga Belova

“The concentration of modern technologies and equipment in one place presents a great opportunity for scientists,” notes the Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Anatoly Rusetsky. He stresses that the Academy of Science is ready to take part in realising park projects connected with the biotechnological and pharmaceutical sectors. “There will be opportunities for serious investments, so we’d like to take part in biotechnology and pharmaceutical ventures with definite offers,” he adds. “We see ourselves operating in this field.”

Mr. Rusetsky admits that Belbiograd could join the future Belarusian-Chinese industrial park in Belarus, although he notes that no final decision has been taken. The Belarusian-Chinese industrial park would be a multi-profile structure focusing on innovative products.

A treaty on co-operation regarding the Belarusian-Chinese industrial park was signed in Minsk in September 2011, with construction due to begin in 2012, near the capital. At least $1bn of direct Chinese investments are to be involved, allowing science-driven goods to be produced. These would change the import structure of the country, with household appliances being among the goods manufactured.

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