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Model where authorities feel full anf total responsibility

In Belarus, heads at various levels will be given new tighter performance standards, alongside additional rights in relation to employees
In Belarus, heads at various levels will be given new tighter performance standards, alongside additional rights in relation to employees

It is not the first time that the need to tighten performance standards for managers at various levels has arisen. Some time ago Alexander Lukashenko ordered the preparation of the corresponding legal act. Various drafts of the document have been submitted to the President. The last version was returned for improvement with the conclusion that if greater responsibility for results is being demanded from managers, then it is necessary to give them effective tools. According to the President, before demanding outcomes, business leaders need to be given more power. Such norms are set out in the updated draft document.

As a minimum, Alexander Lukashenko demands strict measures on both short and long-term non-admission to managerial status for those who are dismissed from work for failing to do their duties. This and other issues were discussed at a meeting to consider the draft decree ‘On Strengthening the Requirements for Executive Personnel and Workers in Organisations’.

During discussion of the draft policy, the Head of State demanded answers to a number of questions from the representatives present. In particular, how much responsibility should be borne by managers in cases of professional negligence and whether the document provides strict measures on non-admission to managerial level of those dismissed from previous employment for incompetence.

Alexander Lukashenko has taken a particular interest in the issue, “When tightening performance standards for heads, do we give them enough leverage and additional rights in relation to their employees?” He considers that for business leaders, the ultimate sanction is dismissal from work. All these penalties and other things simply cause bad feeling, and may not have any effect. He considers the bill covers the situation when managers cannot cope with their job or commit an offence. A leader who makes a poor decision in full awareness of its negative effects would breach the agreement and would be dismissed. ‘If they committed an offence which falls under the Administrative Code or, worse, the Criminal Code, they would be responsible and answer according to these codes,” the President stated.

The Head of State also asked for clarification on how much the document would deal equally with everyone who was at fault. While the main thing is whether the decree will be able to eradicate conspiracies, where failed executives move from post to post. An important point is that the new act will encompass organisations of all types, with various models of ownership. Guilty managers could be appointed to a new responsible post without agreement from local authorities. Having such a model, even sideways moves from the civil service or state organisations into business are excluded.

The act also provides tools to give heads greater powers. The President summed up, “God forbid that we generate just another new instruction with a list of articles and penalties. The document should be complete, clear and unequivocal.” The final draft should be completed quickly and the new act should come into force in the New Year.

By Vasily Kharitonov
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