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Mobile medical consultation

There are three ways to make appointment with a doctor. You can go to a polyclinic or phone ahead, as most elderly people tend to do. Those who are Internet savvy can book online but Minsk’s 19th central district polyclinic has taken the idea even further, offering appointments via the mobile version of the Internet.

“Of course, it’s been possible to make an appointment using a mobile phone for a while,” says the Deputy Chief Doctor of the polyclinic, Gennady Misyachenko. “However, the large volume of information made downloading slow; old mobile phones found this particularly difficult.”

Now, the mobile version of the webpage is synchronised with the registration desk’s database, making the process much easier. Around 10-15 patients in the district use the option daily, choosing appointments with particular doctors at their own time of convenience. However, only twenty percent of all time slots are available online, so that elderly people are not disadvantaged. “The system shows how many places are available for a certain doctor,” adds Mr. Misyachenko. “You then make an appointment personally or by phone and are told if any appointment is cancelled.”

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