Mir Castle to host festive formal dances

Three festive balls hosted by one of Belarus’ most beautiful historical and cultural sites in early January: magnificent 18th century Mir Castle
By Nina Levitskaya

The first event is scheduled for January 4th: a Viennese Ball — widely popular in Europe. The original event is registered on UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, hosted by the capital of Austria. The tradition has been borrowed by many states, including Belarus, and must follow certain protocols: being opened by young couples; having an obligatory midnight performance; and ending at dawn.

The organisers of the Viennese Ball at Mir Castle promise live instrumental music, performances by opera singers, waltzes and the polonaise, among various entertainments.

On January 5th, there will be a ‘1920-30s themed’ dance in Mir Castle’s Ivory Hall, presenting jazz and swing bands and the screening of silent films. This will be followed on January 6th by an event for youngsters: a Christmas Ball held in the Stolovaya Izba. Father Frost, the Snow Maiden and unexpected Christmas adventures are promised.
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