Minsk plant’s successful marketing approaches

‘Belarus’ tractors assembled in Russia and sold successfully as part of Russian support programme for agricultural producers
Minsk Tractor Works believes that its interaction with Russian companies is helping Belarus-Russia collaboration more widely, since the enterprise takes part in so many co-operative programmes between our Belarusian and Russian regions.

MTZ’s promotion of ‘Belarus’ tractors across Russia makes use of various marketing instruments. It has eight assembly facilities operating in Russia, with the number constantly growing. For example, joint ventures were set up last year in the Amur Region and in Saratov; pilot batches of tractors have already been assembled there.

Minsk Tractor Works has a well-developed commodity distribution network in Russia, and is encouraging other Belarusian enterprises to make use of this avenue to promote goods. MTZ’s trade houses are ever increasing sales volumes abroad and, last year, began assembly of Brest Electromechanical Plant sowing machinery in Yelabuga. These are being tested at a local farm and will soon be made widely available, with the trade house offering a range of attachments for its ‘Belarus’ tractors, to further enhance competitiveness and exports to the Russian market.

In January-February 2013, around 5,000 ready-made tractors were dispatched to the Russian Federation; over half of MTZ export tractors are sold to Russia. Minsk Tractor Works is part of the Industry Ministry, producing over 60 models and modifications of tractors and machinery. Last year, it manufactured over 60,000 tractors.
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