Ministry for Digital Society Issues — a good idea

Belarus is keen to develop liaisons with the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), notes Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich, on meeting WITSA Secretary General, James Poisant, in Minsk
According to the PM, ICT is a priority for Belarus, with the Government providing assistance to its development. The country has created necessary infrastructure for IT companies at the High-Tech Park, with specialists being successfully trained. Their experience and services are in demand across the world.

At present, IT is being launched into Belarusian medicine, transport and other spheres, in addition to the E-Government project. “We offer good employment prospects and have many foreign contracts,” stresses Mr. Myasnikovich, discussing prospects for WITSA partnership.

Mr. Poisant has told journalists that he primarily aims to familiarise himself with the IT industry in Belarus on this visit. “We’ve already begun working with representatives of the Belarusian IT branch, liaising with the High-Tech Park and Infopark Association — which is a member of our organisation,” he notes. He believes that Belarus boasts huge potential in the sphere of information and communication technologies, while possessing the necessary infrastructure, education system and intellectual opportunities. He adds, “I’ve visited three companies involved in software development; you have the potential but need to develop it further. I hope to see young people building their careers in this industry, as we live in an age of digital technologies.”Mr. Poisant is convinced that long-term development of the branch is necessary for further growth of Belarusian IT and has suggested the setting up of a separate ministry in Belarus to oversee IT issues — as seen in various other countries.
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