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Between November 16th and 22nd, 150 countries will be hosting Global Entrepreneurship Week

Meetings, discussions and seminars to promote business

Between November 16th and 22nd, 150 countries will be hosting Global Entrepreneurship Week, with Belarus taking part for the fifth time, promoting an intensive week for business

Global Entrepreneurship Week offers entrepreneurs various formats of meetings, seminars and master classes, led by international experts and business community leaders, giving opportunities for discussing Government reform.

In these hard times, no one can afford to ‘sit on their laurels’, and entrepreneurs know that expanding contacts is the way forward.

The 5th international forum in Minsk will feature BelBiz Group of Companies, the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus, and their partner — the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The slogan of ‘change brings opportunities’ is to dominate Global Entrepreneurship Week, with advisory and practical discussions on such topics as finding investors and financing, and the legislative hoops to be jumped in launching a new business. Prospects for entering EU markets will be on the agenda, alongside peculiarities of conducting business in various European states.

The British Ambassador to Belarus, Mr. Bruce Bucknell, will share his thoughts on how best to do business in the UK and discussions will also be dedicated to internationalisation of Belarusian business through the purchase of foreign assets and the acquisition of Belarusian companies by global players.

Aleksander Wasilewski, the Economic Advisor at the Polish Embassy to Belarus, will share Polish companies’ experience of entering the European market.

Michelle Contini, an independent advisor in foreign trade at the French Embassy to Belarus, will speak on opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses on the French market, and conditions for working with international corporations.

Of course, stories of Belarusian companies’ successful entry onto the European market will be useful to hear, as will lectures on legislation relating to exports and investments, as well as on industrial co-operation as a path to stable sales.

Those seeking to develop their professional success know that learning from others is the best way to progress. Awareness of international business practices is vital.

By Vladimir Khromov
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