Meeting high international standards

Report on fulfilling international commitments in regard to education presented in Geneva

Belarus’ Education Minister, Sergei Maskevich, has presented a national report — Implementing Internationally Agreed Goals and Commitments in Regard to Education — at a high level substantive session of the UN’s Economic and Social Council, held in Geneva. The report focuses on the national policy of Belarus in the field of education, including the country’s implementation of its international commitments — as set out in the Millennium Development Goals adopted at the UN Summit in 2000.

Various aspects of educational processes in Belarus were tackled, with Mr. Maskevich answering questions regarding the goals and objectives of the country’s current Education Code — including pre-school enrolment, development of vocational education and higher learning. Belarus’ educational plans and policies are forward-looking, focusing on further integration into the international educational system, including the Bologna Process.

The presentation of the national report at such a high and representative international meeting allows Belarus to emphasise the compliance of its national education policy with the highest international standards.

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