Meeting expectations while being a growing and attractive market

Experts forecast increased interest towards Belarus from Polish investors

By Tatiana Vishnyakova

Experts forecast increased interest towards Belarus from Polish investors

Some time ago, Doradca Consultants examined the factors behind the decision of Polish investors regarding the attractiveness of this or that sphere or the particular country for their investments. Their decisions hinged on the volume of the local market in around 50 percent of the cases. Other important factors also included the geographical position of the country, low political risk, small competition and access to global markets. The results of this research allows us to predict the interest of Polish investors in Belarus, believes Helena Marcinowicz, Director of the CIS Department of the Polish consulting company, Doradca Consultants Ltd.

According to her, Belarus now primarily meets the expectations of Polish investors. It is attractive, both as a manufacturing site and as a local, growing market. Investors often need just solid support for their projects, mediation for the sake of getting to know the legal and economic conditions of doing business in detail and nothing more than that. It is not that difficult to establish mutually beneficial investment co-operation in this regard.

Polish-Belarusian industrial ties would be most effectively developed in the sphere of small and medium business. Food production represents the largest potential. “Today, Polish companies have a lot of experience using high technologies and their management practices are well-developed. This experience should be interesting to Belarusian companies. At the same time, at present, Poland lacks qualified personnel. For instance, Polish footwear factories are experiencing a shortage of manpower and would like to establish ties with Belarusian companies,” notes the Director of the CIS Department of Doradca Consultants Ltd.

Over 550 companies operate in Belarus with a share of Polish capital. The largest investors include Getin Holding, Black Red White, Kronospan, Atlas, Vox Chemia, Decora, and Big Star.
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