Medal will find its heroes

The President will present medals. The management of state bodies, commanders of different branches of troops, commanders of military units and military commissioners also have such honour. The heads of diplomatic representations of Belarus will present awards to foreign citizens
By Alexey Yaroshevich

The first samples of the brass medal are ready. The founder of the Sensgeraldika enterprise, which specialises in the issue of awards and orders, Vladimir Trofimenko is obviously happy with the result, “Our enterprise has prepared the sample of the medal which we represent to the Heraldic Council under the President, and more likely, we will issue the whole edition. We already know the quantity of medals that need to be produced — 75,000. It is a very responsible task, as we have not much time. But we made  awards for previous anniversaries; therefore, I am sure that we will cope with it this time.”

The face of the medal will depict the image of a Soviet soldier holding a submachine gun, a partisan and underground worker against a background of a blown up railroad bed. To the left of them will be a laurel branch intertwined with a ribbon of the Order of Glory. On the top of medal there will be two dates: 1944 and 2014. On the back will be an inscription ‘70 years of liberation of the Republic of Belarus from fascist aggressors’.

The chief specialist of the Department for State Social Support to Population of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Tatiana Maximova is certain that the medals will reach everyone who has deserved it. Local executive committees specify lists of those who deserve the award. It is rather laborious work. According to recent data, more than 23,000 veterans and more than 30,000 former prisoners of concentration camps currently live in Belarus. We wish them good health and a joyful celebration of the liberation anniversary!
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