Mastery of the Different Ones

The Belarusian team became absolute winner of the international festival "World of Talents 2005" in Kiev
The festival was organized on the model of Hollywood’s “World Championship of the Performing Arts” based on the Olympic Games’ principle: talents from different countries compete in dancing, vocal, acting technique and art of creating and conveying images. This year more than 100 children from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel and Malta aged 5 to 15 took part in the forum.

The Belarusian team was represented by Yegor Volchek who had participated in the children’s Eurovision the year before and Veronika Teplyakova, the advertising personality of the “Beauty will Save the World” project. Their preparation was carried out in the “Vodoley” studio of the international art, beauty and talent centre.

The Belarusian children caused a boom having won prizes in all the shows of the festival. In the "Talent Show" the Grand Prix was awarded to Veronika for the best event in the original genre (nomination "Acting Technique").

Yegor won the second prize for vocal. Besides, the children became winners in the "Beauty Show" and were bestowed the titles of “Young Mister World” and “First Princess of the World”. This show included seven entrances of each participant: each team’s greeting, entrance in the national costume, cocktail, avant-garde and dress entrances, the “Fire Mystery” show and a creative event. In the "Fancy Show" the “Vodoley” studio also earned the highest opinion of the audience and the jury and received the Grand Prix of the festival.
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